Grades and point totals for the semester.

The links below are your grades (점수) for the semester.

Please find your class (학부) and then your student number (학번) to see your progress so far.

I will give points for dialogs, participation in class and attendance every week. (10 points per week.)

You may also earn points for homework assignments.

Homework assignments are very important, so please make a strong effort to do a good job.

There will also be two objective written examinations for this term.

You may earn bonus points on each written exam.

The Midterm and Final exams are oral exams.

Midterm (중간고사) and Final (기말고사) exams are worth 100 points, each.

간호 067B

간호 070E

디지털콘텐츠 003A

전기공학 081 B

바이오식품산업 062 A

화장품뷰티생명공학 A

컴퓨터학부 D

정보통신 053D