English Conversation I 생활영어 I
We will use the following textbook: sc1_text_photo.jpg
Smart Choice 1, 3rd Edition
(It’s very important that you  bring your book to class.)
Please visit my web site:  http://chrismcdade.org
You may check your scores and use the vocabulary study guides.
There are also puzzles, activities and other important information  posted on my site.
dialogs, attendance Written
Exam 1
Midterm Written
Exam 2
Final hw
70 100 70 100 80
Bonus 30 ~ 50
We will cover units 1-6 in the text this semester. 
Homework assignments are important.  
I will deduct points for late assignments and 
I will award extra points for good submissions.  (bonus points)
I  award bonus points for extra effort, creativity and originality. 
(노력, 창조력, 창작(創作))
We will have two written exams during the semester. 
I will describe each exam in advance for you. 
The written exams are important. The exams are "open resource."
(참고서·사전 등을 봐도 되는 시험.)
I encourage interactive participation in class. 
This course is designed for you to develop your confidence in speaking English.
My office is located in the new building next to Quiznos. 
학술관 405
Finally, please check the information for our midterm and final exams:
I will ask you to create your own dialogue, memorize and recite it. 
This is an interactive class, so always feel free to ask questions. 
I hope we have a fun class this semester.