Ȱ II/IV - Fall Semester, 2017 Midterm and Final Exam Information (߰ / ⸻ )

Midterm exams will be held October 16th - 19th.

Final exams will be held December 12th - 18th.

Here are the instructions for your exams:

Select a partner with whom you would like to work. (only one partner)

You may also say your dialogue with me, if you don't have a partner.

Select a topic () or multiple topics, and create an original dialogue. (ȭ)

Please use your imagination and think of an interesting topic or topics. I am interested in your thoughts and ideas.

Your dialogue should have at least 8-10 lines for each partner.

Each partner should have 8-10 lines to say. Each line should be substantial.

That means that each line should be a complete sentence.

You should memorize (ϱ()) your dialogue.

At test time, you will give me your dialogue. () (A4 paper, please)

(I only need one paper from each team of partners.)

I will listen to your dialogue as you recite (ϼ()) your lines with your partner.

I will grade you on the following elements:

Presentation - content, recitation, fluency, memory, pronunciation, etc. () ((Ү), ϼ, â, ϱ, , )

Please take pride in your presentation and provide a suitable paper.

Your recitation should be like a normal conversation. (Be expressive) ǥ()

Be prepared to recite your script quickly and without error. Practice your pronunciation. (ùٸ (ۡ))

In addition, I would like to see some originality â(Լ) and creativity. â()

Use your imagination and create a memorable conversation.

Notes: Further Criteria:

Vocabulary usage, grammar, content, originality, creativity and effort. ((), (), (Ү), â(Լ), â() & (ҽ))

Content - the dialogue should be well thought out and consistent. ()

We can discuss possible topics or subjects in class. Please feel free to ask for suggestions and advice.

Make your own conversation. Don't copy a conversation from a text or another work. (ǥ .)

Vocabulary - vocabulary level and usage. (ܾ)

Try to use your knowledge of vocabulary words. Having a good vocabulary is one of the most important aspects of learning how to speak English with fluency.

Grammar - grammar usage: ()

I will help you with grammar. It doesn't have to be perfect, but please make an effort to create a dialogue that is grammatically correct.

Effort - amount of effort you have put into your dialogue. () ***

It is easily discernible to determine how much effort you have exerted for this exam. So, please make a strong effort.

Creating a conversation and memorizing the dialogue should be something that will remain in your memory for a long time.

If you spend some time making a nice dialogue, you will be able to gain confidence in your speaking ability.

Please make a special effort to create something memorable.

Finally, you may feel free to enhance your presentation with images, graphics, props or anything else that would provide an interesting addition to your presentation.