Fall Semester 2017
Homework Assignments
1) Self-introduction 소개(紹介) 
Write a short piece about yourself.
Please include a photograph of yourself.
You may describe your personality, hobbies, favorites, See Unit 8
aspirations, goals and dreams, accomplishments,
achievements, or anything else you would care
to share about yourself. 
2) Your 추석 Experience (
Please describe your holiday experience. (추석)
For example, what did you do?
Who did you spend time with?
Did you prepare any special foods?
If so, what did you prepare?
Did you enjoy eating any special meals?
If so, please describe the food. 
What else did you do during this time?
3) Restaurant Experience 요리(料理)  식당(食堂)  경험(經驗) 담(談) 
Please discuss any memorable dining experience. 
This could be a home dining experience or eating out. 
If it is a restaurant experience, try to include the following information:
What is the name of the restaurant?
Where is it?
What kind of restaurant is it? 
How was the food and service? How was the atmosphere?
What did you order? Were you satisfied? 
Would you recommend this restaurant to your friends?
This is your opportunity to be a restaurant critic. ((평론(評論) 가)
4) Winter Vacation Plans 겨울방학 계획(計劃)
Describe your plans for this winter vacation. 
What will you do? Where will you go? Who will you go with?
Have you made specific plans? What do you hope to accomplish?