List of Selected Synonyms and Antonyms - Fall 2016
Synonyms Antonyms
arrogant vain, conceited, know-it-all humble, modest, timid
angry mad, furious, embittered calm, collected, content
bored uninterested, dull, fatigued enthusiastic, interested, excited
calm peaceful, quiet, cool excited, frenzied, stormy
comfortable cheerful, content, relaxed uncomfortable, unhappy, upset
conscientious ethical, honest, honorable dishonest, immoral, unreliable
confident self-assured, courageous, sure doubtful, meek, uncertain
considerate polite, thoughtful, warmhearted thoughtless, rude, uncaring
diligent studious, attentive, conscientious idle, lazy, disinterested
disgusted insulted, annoyed, troubled appealing, desirable, admired
down unhappy, depressed, sad cheerful, glad, happy, joyful
embarrassed ashamed, confused, humbled composed, proud, reassured
empathetic compassionate, sensitive, understanding indifferent, unfeeling, heartless
excited inspired, energized, thrilled bored, calm, quiet
friendly amiable, cordial, kind aloof, unfriendly, cool, cold
frightened afraid, upset, worried bold, brave, cool, confident
frustrated baffled, inhibited, obstructed encouraged, confident, supported
funny humorous, merry, witty boring, serious, sad
generous considerate, helpful, unselfish greedy, selfish, uncharitable
glad happy, delightful, cheery sad, unhappy
happy cheerful, delighted, joyful sad, sorrowful, unhappy
homesick nostalgic, lonesome, yearning comfortable, oblivious, settled
hurt aching, sore, sad comforted, cured, healthy
impatient anxious, demanding, irritable patient, tolerant, willing
intelligent smart, brainy, clever dull, ignorant, foolish
irritating annoying, bothersome, disturbing delightful, helpful, pleasant
lazy indifferent, idle, unenergetic active, energetic, diligent
lonely alone, apart, forsaken, friendless befriended, loved, sociable
moody crabby, tempermental, capricious cheerful, happy, overjoyed
nervous afraid, agitated, annoyed brave, calm, unafraid
optimistic cheerful, hopeful, positive pessimistic, gloomy, hopeless
polite courteous, friendly, respectful impolite, rude, inconsiderate
proud fine, glad, honored sad, sorry, humble
relieved comfortable, relaxed distraught, sad, worried
sad unhappy, depressed, down cheerful, glad, happy
scared frightened, afraid, terrified calm, comforted, assured
shy modest, timid, introverted bold, confident, outgoing
sick ill, unhealthy, impaired well, healthy, undiseased
sorry remorseful, regretful glad, happy, unsorry
surprised amazed, astounded, astonished expected, aware, unsurprised
tired exhausted, weary, overworked energized, invigorated, refreshed
uncomfortable annoying, awkward, irritating comfortable, easy, painless
upset disturbed, bothered, agitated happy, unworried, calm
well healthy, hearty, fit diseased, ill, sick
wise bright, clever, smart dull, dumb, dense
worried anxious, troubled, afraid calm, untroubled, unworried