Vocabulary and Grammar for Unit 6
Yesterday 어제  
broken 고장(故障) ; 부서진  
traffic 교통(交通) 
traffic jam 교통(交通) 체증(滯症) 
late  늦은
crowded 만원(滿員) 
weather 날씨 
lost 길을 잃은
line 열(列) (차례를 기다리는)
sick 병(病) 난
forecast 일기(日氣)  예보(豫報) 
clear 맑은
heavy snow; heavy rain 폭설(暴雪) ; 폭우(暴雨) 
humid 습기(濕氣)있는
thunderstorm 뇌우(雷雨) 
temperature 온도(溫度)
chilly 추운
flood 홍수(洪水) 
drizzle 이슬비
windy 바람부는
Weather words in English
drizzle light rain; light rain falling in very fine drops
chilly slightly cold; unpleasantly cold
humid very damp or lots of moisture in the air
windy lots of wind
flood overflowing body of water especially onto normally dry land
cloudy large amount of cloud cover; lots of clouds
foggy thick cloud over land making it hard to see
sunny the sun is out; there are few if any clouds; clear skies
sultry hot and humid
blizzard strong snowstorm with lots of wind
Past tense of be
was BE의 제1·3인칭 단수·직설법 과거
were BE의 과거(직설법 복수(2인칭에서는 단수에도)
HW4 Summer Vacation Plans 여름방학 계획(計劃)    
Describe your plans for this summer vacation.   
What will you do? Where will you go? Who will you go with?  
Have you made specific plans? What do you hope to accomplish?