Smart Choice I
Vocabulary - Unit 01
Greetings 인사(人事) 
1 major 전공(專攻) 
2 sophomore 2년생
3 semester 한학기, 반학년
4 grade 성적(成績) ; 평점(評點) 
5 classmate 동급생 (同級生)
6 freshman 1년생
7 subject 과목(科目) 
8 homework 숙제(宿題) 
9 year 학년(學年) 
10 textbook 교과서 (敎科書)
Pronunciation 발음(發音)
syllable 음절(音節)
stress ~에 강세[악센트]를 붙이다[두다].
Conjugation 활용(活用) - 어미(語尾) 변화 
Be Singular Plural
1st p. I am We are
2nd You are You are
3rd He/She/It is They are
1) Self-introduction (homework #1) 소개(紹介) 
  Write a short self-introduction.  
  Please include a photograph of yourself.  
  You may describe your personality, hobbies,  
  aspirations, goals and dreams, accomplishments,  
  achievements, or anything else you would care  
  to share about yourself.