Parts of Speech and Other Terms 품사 (品詞)
Part Abbreviation Korean Brief description  
Noun n. 명사 person, place or thing  
Verb v. 동사 expresses an action or state  
Adjective adj. 형용사 describes a noun  
Adverb adv. 부사 describes a verb  
Pronoun pron. 대명사 takes the place of a noun  
Preposition prep. 전치사 indicates position, direction, time  
Conjunction conj. 접속사 connects words, phrases, clauses  
Interjection int. 감탄사 expresses emotion (exclamation)  
  (hi, bye, well, wow, oops, sorry…)  
Article  art.  관사(冠詞) a, an, the  
Auxiliary verb aux. 조동사 forms tenses, voices, moods of other verbs
Gerund ger. 동명사  -ing form of a verb used as a noun
Past participle p.p. 과거분사 forms perfect tenses (완료시제)
Infinitive inf. 부정사 original form of a verb - (to ~)
Singular sing.  단수(單數)  one of something
Plural pl. 복수형 more than one of something
Tense t.  동사의 시제 indicates time of action
Antonym ant. 반의어 opposite definition
Abbreviation abbr.  약어표시 short form of a word or phrase
Synonym syn. 비슷한 말 word with a similar meaning
Person 인칭(人稱) point of reference
Context 전후 관계 relationship of a word in a sentence
Contraction 단축(短縮) 형 short form of a word or words
The following sentence contains 9 parts of speech:
Wow! She and the brave wizard slowly flew to the castle. 
mnemonic: PAPA VINC
colloquial speech 구어(口語)의
slang 속어(俗語) 
idioms 숙어(熟語)
formal speech 학문의 회화
informal speech 구어체 - (회화)