Smart Choice - Level 01
Vocabulary - Unit 11
Vacation (ۯ) 
beach غ(ܫ) 
passport () 
plane (ޫѦ) 
airport ()
art gallery ̼ (ڸν)
mountain climbing (ߣ) 
luggage ȭ(ڪ) 
postcards () () 
injury ջ(߿) 
break your arm η 
police station ()
hospital (ܻ) 
souvenir ǰ (ҷ)
weather ϱ(Ѩ) ;
Simple Past Tense (Φ) ()
1) add -ed
2) add -d
3) change the y to -ied
4) irregular
Verb Past Tense
play played
wash washed
know knew
wear wore
work worked
forget forgot
help helped
drop dropped
like liked