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Brief Introduction - 소개

Class Information - 수업 정보

Here is a brief study guide for your first written exam: Detailed Study Guide for Written Exam #1

2016 Fall Homework Assignments

Your scores and points - 점수 확인

Detailed Guide to Your Midterm and Final Exams

Vocabulary Translations - 단어 번역

American Idioms - 숙어(熟語) 집

Tongue Twisters - 어려운 말 빨리 말하기 놀이

Annotated Chess Games - 체스

Newsletter for the Memphis Chess Club

Chinese Character Chart - 한자

My book on Introduction to Korean Chess

Introduction to Korean Chess - 장기

Korean Chess Terms in English - 장기의 용어

Events in History for Today's Date - 역사

Whose Birthday Falls on Today's Date? - 생일

Daily Quotation - 인용(引用)

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2010 World Cup Tables
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Welcome to the Fall Semester, 2016

Let me briefly introduce myself... I am from California , USA, although I have lived in about 15 different states and have traveled to nearly all U.S. states. I conducted my post-graduate studies at East Carolina U. with a concentration in Library and Information Science. I have also studied information technology, computer science, Russian (36 semester hours), Korean (24 semester hours) and other languages. I was a computer consultant and database analyst for many years. In the U.S., I am a certified teacher, certified public librarian, member of the Slavic Honor Society and International Mensa. I enjoy playing chess and I was a USCF certified chess coach, tournament director and rated Expert (2000+). My other interests include playing and creating quizzes on (200+ published quizzes online,) exploring technology, foreign languages and working on a variety of writing projects. Published author.

Class Information (수업 정보)

Basic Class Information (Handout)

Midterm & Final Exam Information

Office: Student Building (학술관) 405

My Class Schedule

Grading and Evaluation Policy (점수를 주는 방법)

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Your scores and points - 점수 확인

Smart Choice 1, 2nd Edition

Vocabulary & Grammar Study Guides

Introduction to Parts of Speech

Smart Choice - Unit 1

Smart Choice - Unit 2

Smart Choice - Unit 3

Smart Choice - Unit 4

Smart Choice - Unit 5

Smart Choice - Unit 6

Smart Choice - Unit 7

Smart Choice - Unit 8

Smart Choice - Unit 9

Smart Choice - Unit 10

Smart Choice - Unit 11

Smart Choice - Unit 12

Selected Synonyms & Antonyms

Here is a brief list of American English language idioms.

Here is a short list of popular tongue twisters. These are fun to say and helpful for pronunciation.

Some notes on grammar

Chess Forums

Annotated Chess Game Collection

Here is a link to a great historical perspective of the Memphis Chess Club

The Newsletter of the Memphis Chess Club

Here is my annotated game vs. Walter Browne.

A book about this game and other chess games on iTunes

----->Basic Chinese Character Chart

Link to Introduction to Korean Chess - ebook - by Chris McDade

An Introduction to Korean chess (장기)

A brief list of vocabulary specific to Korean chess. (장기 용어)

Is it your birthday, today?

Click on the following link to enter a fun and engaging trivia web site. Follow the directions and have fun!

Puzzle Section

This site may help you with anagram puzzles.

Find the right medicine for these patients.

A Beatles' Song Puzzle.

Fill in the proper adjectives (형용사) in the appropriate column.

Find the past tense (과거시제) of these words.

Fill in the names of the animals using the word parts.

A Boolean algebra puzzle.

What are the hobbies?

Family Tree Quiz

Simple Past Tense Quiz

Match the Book Titles and Authors

Just for fun ... my list of movies on dvd ... many of them are my favorites and maybe some of them are your favorites, too. 
A list of movies


A few sports ...

2010 World Cup

2010 Group Stage Standings

2010 KO Matches

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